January 28, 2004

Green Roof Inn
Giles Coren of The Times recommends
Hillsborough, Carriacou (001 473) 443 6399

The Grenadine island of Carriacou is even smaller, even more spotless, even goatier than Grenada. And at the Green Roof Inn, a tiny five-room place where I stayed quite by chance, I found, chalked on a blackboard, the best menu I have ever seen: smoked lobster, gravad barracuda, calaloo soup - lobster gratin, smoked barracuda, pickled kingfish. Oh boy.

The managers, Jonas and Åsa, and Magnus, their chef, are Swedish, and they do that Swedish fish thing with the sea life of the tropics to genuinely unique effect. Ever had smoked lobster? Thought not. Best thing you’ll ever eat. Enjoy gravad lax? Ha! It was the barracuda that was born to be gravadded. This is the most beautiful dining environment, with the most beautifully conceived menu, and the best food for the best value I have seen on Earth.

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