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Carriacou Parang Festival

Parang 2

Visit beautiful Carriacou to witness the 40th anniversary of its Parang Festival. This festival (Dec 15-17) features traditional Christmas caroling and a humorous recounting of the years events in song.

Carriacou is rich with traditional culture, these include; Big Drum, Quadrille Dancing, Shakespeare Mas, Tombstone Feast and the list could go on and on.  




The 2017 schedule included:

Friday 15th December (Hillsborough Tennis Court)

  • Official Opening Ceremony 
  • Hosanna Carol Singing
  • Cultural performances
  • Appearance by Santa Claus

16th December (Hillsborough Tennis Court)

  • The performance of a theater group from Grenada in a full-length play.

17th December (Hillsborough Tennis Court)

  • The Parang String Band competition.